You are the best!

by Sarah
(Santa Rosa, CA)

Thank you so much Misty for all of the time & energy you have invested to make my life healthier & better as well as my 2 year old daughter. My daughter has dealt with minor health issues & my family is so fortunate to have a truly caring & wonderful nutritionist to help guide as well as direct us in our lives. We truly appreciate & are ever so grateful to you.

I love your website! This truly is a remarkable & essential tool in spreading the word about how to live & experience a good & healthy life.

My Dear Sweet Sarah
Thank you for your submission! You are such a great student of nutrition. Always listening with an open mind, and the result? A gorgeous daughter who is just brilliant, beautiful and so very healthy. This information should be able to guide you through life eliminating many ailments of modern disease through diet. I will always be here for you! I love you!
Aunt Misty, Your personal nutritionist for life!

I'm pretty partial to Sarah as she is my niece. Sarah is expecting her second child this month. I had the opportunity to attend Sarah's baby shower 4 weeks prior to her due date and while she is fairly uncomfortable, I notice a glow and a lean look in her face. Her recent nutrition education mixed with those hormones of pregnancy are agreeing with her. She is not as bloated as many expectant Mother's I've seen recently. At 27 years old, Sarah is starting her family out it seems with a nutritional advantage.

Keep up the hard work Sarah! It won't be easy as the children grow and throw themselves on the floor at the check out counter wanting the treats that are so strategically placed. Scoop them up and move on!

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