whole grain bread

by Monica
(Cheyenne, WY)

I am about to re-embark on a low carb diet. I came across your site thru 'your lighter side of low carb on facebook. I want to eat healthier, and pull myself out of my sugar addiction, but it sure can be so difficult.

One question I have is about my children. I am not planning on having them low carb, they are quite thin already. I make bread for them from freshly ground whole wheat. (freshly ground as in I grind it myself right before making the bread) I saw you list flour as a bad food.

I agree that white flour, processed flour, etc, is unhealthy, but would you put freshly ground flour in the same vein? I understand that it cannot be a part of a weight loss phase for me, as an adult, but I am curious about its value for my children.

sorry if this is off topic.

Thank you.

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Sep 09, 2010
Free Healthy Diet Plans
by: Misty

Hello Monica!

Thank you for stopping by and of course, I have to thank my friend Jamie for promoting my site. She is a fabulous creator in the kitchen isn't she?

Let me begin by saying "If it's the topic of food, it's never off topic" always ask away!

Congratulations on your resolve to get back into a reduced carbohydrate lifestyle. It really is the panacea to health that we all need. At the end of the day, our good health, weight loss and mental well being all begin and end with regulated blood sugar. That being said, it is important the children maintain steady blood sugar as well. We can be thin but not necessarily free of disease.

While fresh baked bread from fresh flour is much better than commercial sources, my issue with bread and children most particularly wheat is the gluten. It has an opiant effect on some children and can slowly damage the gut lining potentially contributing to leaky gut thereby auto-immune disease. The component of the gluten that causes the reaction is a protein structure called gliadin.

If one has children with focus issues, behavioral or otherwise, ADHD or shows signs of disconnection, I would take a look at the gluten first.

Now this is an observation for you to make of course with your children and you might check into a gluten free flour, sourdough (with the starter allows easier digestion) or sprouted grains as alternatives. Here is a good reference site for you Monica should you decide to reduce your gluten.

Sprouting and soaking of grains helps to make them more digestible.

Thank you again for stopping by

As Always,
In Good Health


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