Weight loss plan

by Lori Swade
(Mechanicsburg, PA)

Hi Misty,

Thank you for attaching your link on facebook.

I am definitely trying this program. last year I lost 50 pounds through a doctor using medication and recently regained 15 pounds back.

I do think part of my weight gain has been from me enjoying a glass of wine with dinner.

I will eliminate that from my diet. I do not want to go back on the medicine but I do not feel well with the exact pounds on me.

I am 48 going through menopause, take thyroid medicine, and after reading think I am insulin resistance. I have tried WW but have never really been successful

I do not consume dairy because my doctor told me that with all of the added hormones it was beneficial to avoid it. I do use almond milk. How will this affect the results of your diet? I love all vegetables and fruit. When I eat carbohydrates I gain weight very quickly, then struggle to lose it.

I would appreciate any advice you could recommend.

Happy blessings!

Lori Swade

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Mar 11, 2013
Healthy Transitions
by: Misty

Hi Lori

Thank you for your comments.

In reading your submission, I see that you really do have yourself figured out.

Your last sentence claims that you gain weight when you add carbs. Bingo! In the absence of insulin in the blood stream, we dig into our fat stores for energy. This your key to fat loss!

Take a look at your daily menu and make sure you're consuming plenty of protein and fat and fill in with vegetable carbs.

You might consider ditching the fruit or at the very least, consuming just 1/2 cup of berries as your fruit source.

The almond milk should be fine as long as you're not consuming too much. Nuts are best served as condiments due to their potential to create inflammation.

Feel free to throw me a sample 3 day menu and I can critique it for you.

It's difficult to advise without menu information. I want you to also take into consideration the health of the liver in weight loss and by taking medications, we compromise the health of this valuable organ which is an assistant to metabolic and hormonal health.

In good health

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