Week 1

by Becky
(Frisco, TX, USA)

So, I've been enjoying the liberal phase I for almost a week now.

I'm on day 5 and excited to keep going.

For me, this is a "get healthy" plan, more than a "weight loss" plan.

That said, I have been keeping an eye on the scale and it's holding steady.

Do you think weight loss SHOULD be seen in the first week?

I definitely have weight to lose.

Maybe I should cut out the cheese?

Appreciate your advice so much!


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Apr 13, 2011
Week 1 update
by: Becky

I didn't read Misty's comment until almost a month later, but I have been sticking with Liberal Phase I since my last post, and the scale shows 12 lbs weight loss since then!

That first week the scale would not budge, though

Mar 13, 2011
Free Healthy Diet Plans
by: Misty

Hi Becky!

Welcome and congratulations on your decision to garner better health. In this environment in which we live in it is quite difficult to navigate through the "diet and health wars". I believe that I have found for myself a superior dietary plan.

I like to encourage folks to wait for a full two weeks and see how much weight lost. Depending upon your starting point, one should lose a few pounds to several pounds if not inches lost. Measuring is also a good plan as the tape is a far superior measurement of success.

If you decide that you would like to drop a few pounds, cutting dairy is always helpful. For many though the dairy is what makes a reduced carbohydrate/whole foods plan much more enjoyable.

See how you do this next week and manipulate your diet from there!

Let us know how you did ok?

In good health

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