Variety of questions....

by Tiffanie

Hi Misty,
I just spent the last hour reading over all the posts to learn even more and so enjoyed it! I have a few questions still....

1. I'd like to start Chromium and you recommend from the Nutritional Yeast form. Will this be a problem with my Candida Hypersensitivity?
2. I noticed you have chia seeds in your smoothie recipes. My memory may be failing me but I thought I had read in one of your posts that Chia seeds were pro-inflammatory.....please clear this up for me.
3. I'm testing my urine pH frequently and staying too acidic. Do you know if drinking my carbonated Soda Stream waters is contributing to that? I'd read that it could somewhere but I trust your opinion more.

FYI.... I've been seeing a DO who has been helping with my Candida Hypersensitivity but honestly, you have continued to help me more and I just want you to know I credit you with the improving health of me and my precious little girls.
Many thanks!!

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Nov 17, 2012
Healthy Transitions
by: Misty

Hi Tiffanie!
Thank you so very much for reading and for your nice comments.

To answer your questions, you might consider taking Chromium GTF rather than the Nutritional Yeast. Though there is no worry with NY and Candida, if you suffer blood sugar issues the chromium is going to have a more direct effect.

You want to be careful with NY if you have a sensitivity to glutamic acid.

Chia seeds aren't for everyone. I personally don't eat them because I've been working on a gut healing protocol. I also practice a Paleo diet and these are not considered a Paleo food. I just don't find I need them to elevate my personal nutrition. Others though like the feeling of fullness they provide and use them for their omega 3 benefit as well, amino acid profile. I find mostly low calorie and vegetarian dieters consume chia.

I'm not dogmatic about my way of eating on others so I like to provide a range of options for all.

The acid/alkaline balance is easy to obtain by eliminating refined flours, sugars and even whole grains from the diet. The ph strips have proven to be inaccurate much of the time and the body works hard to maintain homeostasis. You can however add a bit of apple cider vinegar or lemon to your water daily, add a bit of kombucha and make sure you're consuming fermented foods for support but again, by its very nature, a whole food diet is alkalizing with the incorporation of leafy greens and some fruit.

I have heard that that carbonated water can be more acidic so spring water is always my first recommendation.

Be well Tiffanie and you might try some colloidal silver for that candida and make sure you are consuming fermented veggies and beverage daily.


All can be helpful in establishing your good bacteria balance.

I hope the girls are well and happy holidays to all of you!
In good health

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