Three Cs

by Mary Titus
(Orange, California)

That's a simple name for an ultra simple recipe. I call this the three Cs because it has coconut milk, cauliflower and curry.

1 Can of coconut milk
1 cup of chicken broth
1-2 teaspoons of curry to taste.
1/2 cup of butter or coconut oil
1/2 head of cauliflower chopped into bite size pieces
1 teaspoon lemon juice ( optional )
salt to taste

Directions: lightly cook the cauliflower and in another sauce pan heat the coconut milk, chicken broth, oils,lemon juice. Add the salt when this begins to heat.

Once the cauliflower is slightly cooked, drain and add to the coconut milk soup. Once all is heated, the soup is ready to eat and it is a great substitute for potato soup.

Something had just occurred to me. Instead of heating the broth with the coconut milk, use it to cook the cauliflower then pour the cauliflower and broth into the coconut milk. I am thinking that the vitamins that come out of the cauliflower will not get poured down the sink. Instead, it will get poured into the belly...enjoy.

note: This was actually created from another creation. I made the coconut soup as a sauce to go over shiritaki noodles.I debated what to do with the leftover sauce which was how I decided to make cauliflower. Shrimp would have been a good idea.Spoon that over cauli-rice or shiritaki noodles or raw spinach.

Next time I will take pictures.

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