Thank you for sharing your knowledge!

by Barb

I feel so much healthier eating the clean way, and the supplements you've recommended have really helped with candida issues and cravings. Organic, simple foods to repair our bodies, what a concept!

Dear Barb:
Thank you for sharing your success with all! I'm so pleased that you are learning and understanding some of the biochemical process' that take place in the human body from either too many processed foods or trying to follow the previous 30 year low fat diet advice which has created so many issues for so many bodies.

Simple really is key here Barb. We can spend as much or as little time as we want eating simple, clean foods. Have a dinner party and throw a beautiful gourmet meal on the table and no is the wiser that you lost weight eating so many luscious foods. Losing weight AND gaining health? What more could we ask for? You are special and I'm glad you stopped by to share. Make it a healthy day
Your friend in nutrition

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