Sweet Potatoes

by Charles

I have become very interested in the type of diet that you are recommending.

What is your take on sweet potatoes? Are sweet potatoes the same as white potatoes?

I have heard so many different opinions on this that it is confusing.

One person will say a potatoe is a potatoe and another says that the sweet potatoe is not a starch and your body handles it differently???

Would you clarify this please if you can.

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Apr 27, 2011
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by: Misty

Hi Charles

Thank you for your question and thank you for reading the site.

Russet and other potatoes are in a different class than that of the sweet potato. One bonus with the sweet potato is it is not in the class of "night shades" as with all other potato groups. These "night shades" can perpetuate inflammatory responses most particularly those who suffer arthritic conditions.

Your question is a good one and can be confusing to so many. It is said that white potatoes can produce a faster glucose digestion into the blood stream because they carry half the amount of fiber as that of the sweet potato.

Both carry similar vitamins and minerals but the sweet potato carries more antioxidants.

gram for gram, the sweet potato with its higher fiber will always be your superior choice Charles.

In good health

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