Struggling ....

by Ryanne

I've given up smoking, diet soda, aspartame, splenda, msg, anything processed, sugar, grains and potatoes/legumes.

I'm eating mostly fat, protein and veggie carbs. Most days my ratios are 70% fat, 20% protein, 10% carb, again mostly from vegetables and little dairy. I like string cheese from time to time.

I feel like my body is shrinking a bit, noticeable in the fit of clothes, but NOTHING on the scale. I've been eating as above for three weeks. I've done low carb many times before and am okay with slow loss, but NONE after three weeks is not motivating me at all!

I feel better, sleep better, have more stable moods, etc. and I know these are all great things, but I do need to lose about 50lbs.

I can only think I'm eating too many vegetables. I love kale, I mean really love it. I eat it a lot, usually saute style with butter and fresh garlic. I have been eating spaghetti squash about once or twice a week too.

Do you think I'll eventually lose, while eating plenty of above ground veggies, meat and fat? I am eating nothing fake or phony, no sugar, no hidden starch...

I just want more veggies, need them to be happy eating this way.

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Mar 31, 2012
Healthy Transitions
by: Misty

Hi Ryanne
I'm so sorry you're frustrated! Let me begin though by congratulating you for so many drastic changes! You should be so proud of yourself and understand that you're healing right now.

Try to give it some time and see how you do in the next 2 weeks. Be sure to take measurements as success is not always measured on the scale.

Are you exercising at all? I know so many that think exercise isn't a necessary component of weight loss, but I disagree. It most certainly assists us in becoming more glucose tolerant. The glucose is taken up by the cell pretty quickly when we begin to deplete our glycogen.

Begin with a nice fast paced walk or hike, dance and lift some weights. I have a couple of kettle bells and it sure doesn't take much to drop the blood glucose with these.

You might also have elevated cortisol which can prevent you from letting go of fat. You might consider taking 100mg. Phosphatidyl Serine before bed and 500 mg. of Acetyl L Carnitine in the a.m. The PS will lower cortisol levels and the ALC will shuttle fat to the mitochondria.

Let me know how you do and if I can do anything more to help.

In good health my friend!

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