Starting 1 year old on Solid

by Meek

Hi Misty,

My son Christian has just turned 1-year old. My husband and I still give him organic baby food. We want to give him the HEALTHIEST start.

What foods should we introduce first? He is also still on baby formula. What is the best milk to give him - 2% or Whole Milk? Please help.

Thanks, Meek

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Aug 10, 2010
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by: Misty

Hello Meek

Congratulations on Christians 1 year birthday! The fun really begins now Mama!

As far as beginning baby on solid foods, it is wise to begin with an egg yolk. We want to introduce slowly in case there are any food allergies. You can put a bit of butter on that yolk and it's a fabulous food for baby's growing brain.

We want to avoid grains as there is some implications that they can contribute to auto-immune and juvenille type 1 diabetes is one of these auto-immune diseases I would worry about.

Meats, eggs, banana, liver, (yes, one of the most healthful foods for baby though so many of us dislike it) sweet potato, cooked greens (don't forget the fat like a butter or bit of coconut oil or baby does not store those fat soluble vitamins in his veggies.

When transitioning Christian to milk, your best bet is always raw if you can find it because the proteins in pasteurized milk can be difficult to digest. If you cannot obtain raw, you always want organic, full fat milk. Reduced fat dairy is oxidized cholesterol and as they say, the only dangerous cholesterol is oxidized cholesterol.

I'm going to recommend the book Real Food For Mother and Baby by Nina Planck for you Meek. You can purchase it through my Amazon store. Great read! Of course another fabulous resource for you is

Thank you and as always,
In good health

Aug 10, 2010
Free Healthy Diet Plans
by: Misty

That other fabulous resource I mentioned was the site

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