by Willeke Barens
(The Netherlands)

Just wondering if you have come across other people like me who are very sensitive to carbs, but also to salicylates. This means that I cannot have coconut oil, or avocado or mushrooms, for example - those things that you normally can have on an ultra low carb diet.
It has taken me decades to discover this, and now I know why all those things that work for others, do not work for me...
Just thought I'd mention it here, there must be other people like me!

Willeke Barens (Ms) Vilica
The Netherlands

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Mar 17, 2015
by: Misty

Hello Willeke

I do in fact work with folks that have salicylate sensitivity. There are others like you. I previously had a salicylate sensitivity myself. I was able to get it under control with a diet that addressed my leaky gut and subsequently, the introduction of more flora to my microbiome with the end result, a better sulphate pathway and liver detoxification.

These are considered phenols and while some phenols have antioxidant ability, others wreak havoc on the body. Salicylates are beneficial to the plant as an insecticide, anti fungal and disease fighter.

You might consider working on a gut healing protocol that can address your sensitivity allowing you to consume a larger variety of foods without discomfort.

Mar 18, 2015
by: Anonymous

that does sound hopeful, but could you give me an indication what such a protocol would include? Since I cannot eat carbs, I am really interested to hear what I would have to do then!

Mar 28, 2015
by: Misty

An elimination diet would be necessary. You say that you are sensitive to carbs. Your sensitivity is an obvious imbalance can be addressed with a gut healing protocol as mentioned.

I charge $350 for a 6 week plan and at some point, you might consider some testing.

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