Relief from hot flashes?

by Cici

Hi Misty!

I have a friend who is dealing with near constant hot flashes. She doesn't have $$ to access a compounding pharmacy for progesterone, which seemed to help before. Do you have any suggestions to help her?

Thanks a bunch! Cici

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Aug 26, 2010
Free Healthy Diet Plans
by: Misty

Hi Cici!

It would be interesting to know the age and basic menu of your friend Cici.

However, assuming she is in menopause, the following recommendations have been helpful in my recommendations.

1. Balancing the omega 3 to omega 6 balance. This would include reducing to eliminating all vegetable oils, consuming grass fed, pastured and wild caught animal proteins, traditional fats like butter and plenty of vegetables. Now, if she is on a limited budget Cici, my best recommendation is to take 1gram of fish oil with each meal. That will assist in the balancing of her omega 3's.

2. A natural progesterone cream such as Emerita is shown in some studies to be beneficial in balancing hormones.

3. Vitex, and herb is quite beneficial in normalizing hormonal imbalance and I recommend a tincture.

4. Black Cohosh, an herb has been beneficial in reducing hot flash activity. (Cohosh and Vitex can sometimes be found in a combination pill at your local health food store or here in my Amazon store) Pregnenolone is known as the Grandmother of hormones. I like pregnenlone because it acts on all hormones, lowers inflammation, increases memory and is beneficial in progesterone conversion.

5. Exercise! Don't under estimate the power of exercise in our daily lives. Exercise is beneficial and assists us in our HGH or human growth hoormone release.

Let me know if there are special circumstances and know this is all general recommendation.

Following the Phase I plan of free healthy diet plans shows benefit for many things that ail us.

Tell her to hang in there and to remember that if one is fed well, one feels well.

As always,
In good health

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