Red Wine

by John

Hi Misty,
I really enjoy a glass or 2 of red wine.
I'm abstaining during Phase I.
Will I ever be able to work wine back into my diet?


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Nov 27, 2012
Healthy Transitions
by: Misty

Hi John
Thank you for your trust in beginning the Phase I program.

You can add your glass or two of red wine when you feel like you're comfortable in your new eating plan and losing at a steady pace.

If you find that wine slows your losses, back off and try again at a later date or use your glass of wine as a once weekly "treat".

Do be careful to primarily consume your wine with food as this will ease the burden on your liver.

Unless you have diabetic complications, blood sugar issues or other reasons alcohol should not be consumed, a glass or two of red wine here and there can prove beneficial to vascular health as it carries powerful flavanoids, a class of antioxidants known as phytochemicals.

In good health

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