Question about bone broth?

Hi Misty!
You recommended I do bone broth soup a month ago. I just did a batch over night using chicken backs that I purchased at Publix. I am super cautious about food spoilage....can I eat the pieces of chicken meat that has stewed into the broth, and also how long will a batch keep before it is too long? Thanks...On the Road back to Healthy...thanks..Nora

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Dec 17, 2011
Healthy Transitions
by: Misty

Hi Nora!
I'm so glad you've implemented the bone broth. I too purchase chicken backs sometimes.

You are more than safe consuming the meat that ends up in that broth.

My animals circle the kitchen during bone broth time.

Your broth should be safe to consume for about 5 days. If you're nervous about food safety, freeze what you won't use for a couple of days and pull as needed.

Nora, thank you for your loyalty and as always,
In good health!

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