Pyroluria/Histamine query

Firstly, Mary Titus says hi.

I posted on zeroing in on health about pyroluria and Mary was one who came back with any response. She said that she was just discussing this with you.

I've taken my son to Dr. Kaslow and thought he was helpful but he wasn't specifically addressing pyroluria, he seemed to have his focus on neurotransmitters and I just couldn't afford to continue after a few thousand spent.

If this is a real condition, I would think my family would be the poster family for it. In a family of 7 surviving children we have 3 in group homes; severe downs, schizophrenia and bipolar. My brother, long medicated for depression now has sustained a TMi in a car accident after which his son killed himself. My other sister is an alcoholic/bipolar.

Thanks so much.


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Mar 08, 2015
by: Misty

Hello Jane

Mary is a great friend and a valuable resource herself.

Mental health is an interesting beast and one that is lacking in nutritional research.

I have attached a link/test for Pyroluria for a better explanation of the condition. This is a real condition and again, an example of a nutrition deficiency in mental health.

Something else that can be put on your list of potential familial mental health nutrition deficiencies is that of copper imbalance. This is generally seen in families of Women and genetically passed through generations. Here you will find more information about copper imbalance.

Both cases can be treated thereby improving the quality of life for the person(s) suffering.

You mention histamine in your subject line. Histamine issues can be successfully cleared with the incorporation of magnesium. .5 mg. per lb. of body weight.

Thank you for your question Jane!
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