Probiotic Supplements

Probiotic supplements are needed more now than ever before in human history.

Did you know that you have more bacteria than you do cells? We have trillions of cells in the human body and to think we have more bacteria is just fascinating!

Probiotics commonly found in the digestive tract inhibit the growth of pathogens. Yeast and harmful bacteria tend to flourish in environments with a neutral pH. Lactic acid holds them in check. Some probiotics also produce hydrogen peroxide, which the immune system uses to destroy pathogens.

One of the predominant friendly bacteria, Lactobacillus Acidophilus resides in your small intestine. This substance is lethal to at least 22 potentially harmful bacteria, including E. coli, Shigella dysenteriae, Stapyhlococcus aureus, Streptococcus lactis, Klebsiella pneumoniae, and Salmonella schottmuelleri.

The beneficial bacteria in our bodies are responsible for a whole host of activity not limited to keeping your bad bacteria and yeast in check.

  • Supports Immune Response-increasing activity of lymphocytes
  • Can disrupt auto-immune response
  • Produce some vitamins, amino acids and antioxidants
  • Assist in digestion
  • Assist in elimination (constipation is an epidemic)
  • Prevents harmful microbes from adhering to or crossing the intestinal lining and entering into the bloodstream
  • Studies have shown that probiotic supplementation is beneficial in pregnancy in avoiding pre-term delivery as well, shown to reduce the risk of gestational diabetes
  • Reduces Colic, Cradle Cap and infant Constipation

Until recently, friendly bacteria have been a regular part of everyone's diet from the moment they enter the birth canal and first day that they have their mother's milk. All traditional diets included lacto-fermented food. Fermentation is a traditional way to preserve vegetabless, according to Sally Fallon, author of Nourishing Traditions. These valuable dietary practices are used so infrequently these days and it shows!

Probiotic Supplements are necessary today for the following reasons:

  • Antibiotic Prescriptions
  • Food Supply-Animal Proteins treated with antibiotics in the feed lot
  • Birth Control Pills
  • Processed Food Consumption
  • Antacids
  • Chlorinated Water
  • Many medications especially steroid inhalants
  • If you are over 50

Based on my studies of various resources including one of my favorite books, Digestive Wellness, I have come up with some pretty simple advice. If you suffer from constipation, skin issues, bloat, stomach pain and digestive distress, the following book is highly recommended:

The following 4 points are important to look for while choosing probiotic supplements:

  • High CFU Count-Look for at least 10 billion CFU's (colony forming units)
  • Multiple Strains-Multiple strains of bacteria are helpful for different areas of the body. In example, B strains can be helpful to the large intestine and L strains the small intestine.
  • Delayed Release -Some probioitcs may not make it past our stomach acid so a delayed release is a good idea if you are reinoculating after antiobiotic therapy, this is particularly important
  • Potency-Many probiotic supplements will list the potency and you want to look for "potency at time of expiration" not the time of packaging.

If you are over 50 and having any bowel problems,Udo’s Choice is a nice quality probiotic supplement that I recommend.

For the teen/adult who has been on antibiotic therapy, the pregnant mother or any other of the above mentioned conditions, this product is one I would recommend. Though it is only a 6 billion cfu count, I believe it to be a quality probiotic.

If you're looking for a heavy hitter, Super Bifido Plus Probiotic is your superior choice especially if you are suffering from Candida Albicans.

For the baby with colic, cradle cap or constipation, Udo’s Choice Infant Formlas is your best bet.

Maintaining your good bacteria is easy to do with your intake of healthy fermented foods and fibers. These are called pre-biotics, the food your probiotics feed on.

The road to perfect health is paved

with good intestines

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