Printable Grocery Lists

Printable grocery lists, Diabetic, Low Carb and your Paleo food lists are ready for you to print!

If you are diabetic, you can use any one of the variety of lists I have provided here depending upon your blood sugar regulation.  If you continue to suffer from elevated blood glucose, you still need to heal your cells so restriction of carbohydrate is necessary.

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If you are recently diagnosed or have dis-regulated blood glucose numbers, I'm going to recommend you begin with the restricted phase 1 printable grocery lists so you may develop glucose tolerance.

Be sure to adhere to these lists and don't allow the marketing of processed food get to you.

Always be sure to shop after you've eaten so that those craving monsters don't rear their ugly heads.

If you do in fact find yourself in a sticky situation hungry, craving and ready to hide in the corner with a handful of candy bars, find something to munch on while you're shopping.

I have put together a list for each phase of the program to assist you in making your shopping trips just a little bit easier.

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Each list has been configured to each phase of the program so no need to get confused or tempted!

Print and enjoy your lists. Use these grocery shopping lists as your guide to healthy shopping.

The low carb grocery lists are designed to be diabetic friendly.  Your carbohydrate tolerance will be independent of others so use your meter and test, don't guess!

These lists, with a bit of creativity can make hundreds of different rotating meals.

If you have some additional time, take note of some of the unusual or unfamiliar vegetables and be sure to ask someone in the produce section for advice on best preparation.

I frequently shop at Whole Foods and Andrew is always available to give me hints and tips of seasonal items that hit the store.

I'm always open to new ideas so if there is something you think I should add, let me know!

The following cookbooks are a few of my favorites

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