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Healthy Nutrition During Pregnancy

Pregnancy and Nutrition are passions of mine. I only wish I had this valuable information during my three pregnancies. The health of the fetus is directly determined by the Mother's diet prior to conception as well, during pregnancy.

With ADD, ADHD and other learning disabilities at an all time high, this is your opportunity to have some control of healthy development for a lifetime of success and happiness for your child. I am horrified by the amount of medications prescribed children and the side effects range from depression to suicide with a great deal in between.

Certain nutrients have direct impact on development and health and are listed below. In referencing some of my education, I can look at my children and see some of the nutrient deficiencies they suffered either due to my nutrition during pregnancy, or during the first few years of their development. My adult son has a deformed jaw, missing and crooked teeth as well, suffered ADHD as a young child.

My oldest child suffers with weight issues and was always known as the chubby child. This is a result of my poor diet during pregnancy and too much convenience food and so called healthy juices as a toddler. I was raised in a lower fat household and to top it off, I was a young Mother. My knowledge of pregnancy and nutrition was quite limited and because of that, my children have suffered in one way or another. My daughter spent much of her teen years on a low fat diet only to become frustrated and consequently, gain more weight.

While I felt like I had a better nutritional grasp on my third pregnancy, what I did not realize at that time was my gluten intolerance. Nothing is diagnosed but I speculate as do several professionals I've consulted that the consistent ear infections she suffered could have been the gluten intolerance I suffer coming through the breast milk.

So many children are suffering today because of the dietary guidelines recommended by our USDA, Doctors and our fear of fat. So many miscarriages are believed to be prevented with the proper diet for pregnancy. Never in history have we seen so much infertility and as a result, the need for IVF (In Vitro Fertilization). If you are pregnant or planning a pregnancy, start thinking about nutrition now. You're not alone in this either.

pregnancy-and-nutrition The health of the sperm from the Father is also dependent on good nutrition. If Dad thinks he can kick back and eat chips and drink soda and produce a healthy sperm, he's wrong. A smoker for instance will have sperm with mobility issues. They may not reach the egg as quickly as they should and die in the process. Alcohol can also change the quality of the sperm.

Remember, both parents have culpability in the health of the fetus in pregnancy and nutrition. Just because Mom is the temporary garage, Dad has responsibility in the parking as well.

Here is something else for the expectant parents to think about;

Focusing on healthy nutrition for pregnancy by both parents can instill healthy eating habits in the child for life. If you begin on a junk food path with your child once he/she begins solid food, you will be instilling bad habit. If you begin with healthy eating habits, your child will not be addicted to the added chemicals, sugars and damaging fats resulting in behavior and health problems potentially lasting a lifetime.

Your healthiest diet will regulate blood sugar as with any program we've recommended.

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