Post workout meal for phase 1?

by Lindsay
(Saint Louis )

As a personal trainer I workout most days.

What is a safe post workout meal for phase 1?

I have been doing full fat yogurt, a little blueberries, and coconut oil.

I just want to do this the best way because I'm tired of having hypoglycemia symptoms!

I am a female 26 years old at my healthy lean weight now.

I just need to fix my blood sugar issues and constant hunger every two to three hours.

So far I've had great results, but still in phase 1, it's only been a few days I've really stuck to less fruit.

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Mar 31, 2012
Healthy Transitions
by: Misty

Hi Lindsay

Thank you for your comment. I'll be honest, I think that as a trainer and the amount of exertion you are obviously putting out there, you would be best served on the Paleo Diet.

You are depleting your glycogen and probably suffering low energy as a consequence. It's important to honor your energy repletion but in a manner in which your blood sugar is regulated.

While I understand your hypoglycemia to be an issue, you can manage it just fine with 3 hearty meals a day.

You might add a sweet potato and some of course, protein to your post work out meals.

You are probably of the former low fat camp and that has labeled you as a carb burner rather than a fat burner.

I use the analogy of a fire from Nora Gedgaudas. "fuel your fire with logs not kindling" and of course the kindling is carb, the wood is fat/protein.

Let me know how this does for you!

In good health

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