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Looking for an online weight loss coach?  You may wonder with all of the free dietary advice on the internet, why would you need to pay a professional?

Many will have follow up questions and the need for services of nutrition consultant to determine if the plan they have chosen will be right for their biochemical individuality.  

I have many clients that began with one of my plans only to find that a condition they suffered needed specific recommendations in order for the body to heal and let go of weight. 

No one diet is right for every body

This is especially true for those with metabolic complications.

Some services offered are included for clientele local to the Sonoma County region. Though through Skype, our possibilities are limitless! 

Though I have provided you with a great deal of FREE information to get started, there are several reasons further assistance might be necessary for the utilization of a weight loss or health coach and they include: 

  • The dreaded stall out
  • Menu review and clarification
  • Menu Planning
  • General Support
  • Dietary recommendations to support conditions; constipation diarrhea, bloat, stomach ache, head ache, etc. ADD
  • Determining metabolic imbalances that only an experienced coach can detect
  • Advise testing
  • Supplement Recommendations
  • Contraindicated foods for auto immune and other conditions

As a Certified Nutrition Educator, I have the ability to provide the client with information that might take that person weeks to locate. We can take a great deal of guessing out of your stall, condition or supplement regimen with a simple lifestyle questionnaire.

Choose Your Plan Below!

Individual & Group Plans

For a comprehensive diet evaluation with recommendations of both menu and supplementation, the below plans are available for purchase.

Basic Starter


  • Diet Intake Evaluation
  • Dietary Recommendations 
  • Supplement Recommendations
  • Grocery List
  • 14 Day Sample Meal Plan
  • 2-30 Minute Phone Call Check-In

6 Week Plan


  • Diet Intake Evaluation
  • Dietary Recommendations
  • Supplement Recommendations
  • Shopping List
  • 30 Day Menu Plan
  • 6-30 Minute Phone Consultations
  • 6 Week unlimited e-mail Q&A
  • Pantry Peek - Home visit if local, skype for distance

6 Week Transitional Family Plan


  • Family Dietary Evaluation
  • Recommendations
  • 6 30 Minute Healthy Family  Phone Consultations
  • 6 week unlimited e-mail Q&A
  • Shopping List
  • 30 Day Menu
  • Grocery Store Tour
  • Pantry Peek-Home Visit if Local, Skype if Distance
  • Picky Eater Recommendations

This package is especially helpful if there are children in the home suffering food allergies, ADD/ADHD and/or digestive distress such as reflux, constipation and stomach pain. 

Grocery Store Tours


If you are confused by labels, choices and healthful grocery shopping, this is for you!

We will spend approximately one and a half hours touring either your preferred grocery store or my recommendation for a lesson on avoiding traps and making wise food decisions.

This has been one of my more valuable courses to date and is a lifesaving tool

Don't forget to bring your own shopping bags!

Group Lessons

Group Lessons are a valuable way to reduce the cost of my

on-line weight loss coach program.

I can speak to groups of 6 or more with varied subjects, pricing and time slots.

We can meet at your home, office, community club,

Church, or Skype!

I can arrange a meeting location for an additional cost based on time frame.

$30 per person $50 per couple

for a two hour lesson

(you don't have to be a "life couple" you can also be a "buddy couple")

Syllabus Included

30 minute Q & A open session to follow

Inquire about full day diet & lifestyle group lessons

Supplement Recommendations


Supplement recommendations can be made based on your diet, lifestyle and biochemical individuality.

Biochemical individuality refers to conditions you might be suffering relating to nutrition and lifestyle.

These recommendations will come directly from information provided by you based on a questionnaire to me,

your online coach.

Choose Your Plan Today!

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Kathy C. Auburn CA

I want to thank you for your coaching expertise.  I had tried every diet only to fail and gain back not only the weight I lost but usually 20lbs. more. You are compassionate, experienced and patient. I know I wasn't easy but you helped me see that with each slip, I learned how to make my new diet a lifestyle.

I am now at my goal weight and thanks to you Misty, know how to recover and truly get right back on plan without the dreaded weight gain.

Yes, you taught me how to make this a lifestyle and not just another diet.

Colleen  S.
Santa Rosa, CA

A thanksgiving note from Lori and I. We are so thankful to have connected with you. Lori is doing fantastic!! For me its been years of low fat eating, only to discover it really didn't work!!

Its been less than a month and I am noticing positive changes daily!!! and I love it. Had my "first" burger last night in 15yrs!, it was good!

Looking forward to seeing you soon!

R-San Francisco, CA

I am living with HIV/AIDS and am thankful for nutrition.

When Misty Humphrey came into my life with her knowledge of food and nutrition I thought I was going to die.

With the help of Misty's knowledge of food and nutrition I was able to make some pretty basic changes in the foods and supplements I used daily.

I noticed a difference in the way I felt and the energy I had almost instantly.

Because of the information that was passed on to me by Misty I am now the healthiest I think I have ever been in my life, along with record scores on my charts associated with my doctors with all of my numbers in every category ABOVE average, including my white blood cell count (T-Cells).

Thank you Misty Humphrey for the enormous impact you have had on my life.

Ciarra H.
(Santa Rosa)

Thank You Misty for all your help with Oliver!   I have a happy, healthy 4.5 month baby thanks to you! I started him on bone broth at 3 months and he is a happier baby because of it! His colic went away almost instantly!

You've also helped me with his vitamin D supplements and my nutrition while I was pregnant!

I appreciate your help so much! Your knowledge and valuable information is so appreciated! Prior to my pregnancy you also helped me with my own vitamin D deficiency and my under active thyroid.

You are best, and I am so grateful for you! Thank you so much for sharing your healthy practices with everyone!