No more stomach pain and bloating and arthritis pain reduced!!

by Gracie Barlington

Thank you thank you thank you!!! Your advice has helped me out in so many ways!

When I came to you three months ago with my stomach issues and arthritis, I never ever dreamed that I would be able to reduce my pain and inflammation by more than 80% if I had to guess a percentage.

Misty before I started working with you I was ashamed to admit to people that I was wearing my maternity pants from 3 years ago. I was so humiliated but my stomach hurt so bad in any other clothes that this was the only solution I had to get to work every day.

My stomach pain is gone, my bloating is gone and my arthritis does not hurt as bad. I know I didn't want to listen and I'm sorry I ever questioned your advice.

I'm now more patient my daughter and my husband.

Thank you Misty

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Feb 10, 2011
Free Healthy Diet Plans
by: Misty

You warmed my heart with your post....

I am so very glad that you are feeling better. To be forced to wear your maternity clothes 3 years after the birth of your child I'm sure was difficult to admit.

When we remove some of the most allergenic foods from our diet, it's amazing how much better we feel. The body responds in miraculous ways!

Being in an inflammatory state has proven to be a dangerous state to be in.

Remember what I told you about transitioning the whole family to a whole foods lifestyle for prevention!

In good health

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