Multiple Sclerosis

Hello, I have always struggles with my weight but by 46 yrs old, I had it under control and was stable for years at about 128 Lbs.

Then in '96 I was diagnosed with MS. Needless to say, with the many steroids and no exercise, here I am again at 17 lbs.

I need a diet that can help me lose weight with a lot of exercise, unfortunately.

However, I am starting Physical Therapy for muscle strength and eventually move to their Yoga class for MS. With all the Meds I take, I never have an appetite except for in the evenings and I eat everything in sight.

Also, I get up 2-3 times at night, watch TV and eat stupid snacks. I need something healthy and quick. Can you find something healthy and fast for me?

Thanks, Deeana

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Jan 15, 2013
Healthy Transitions
by: Misty

Hi Deanna

As you know, MS is auto-immune. It's interesting because researcher Alessio Fassano out of the University of Maryland states that most auto-immune begins with gut permeability issues.

This is where undigested food particles enter the bloodstream though permeable areas in the small intestine causing the immune system to go on attack.

In my opinion, it is necessary for one diagnosed with this progressive disease to truly utilize nutrition as a tool.

I believe that Phase I or Loren Cordain's The Paleo Diet program can help feed you at a cellular level that will not only allow you to drop weight but to nourish your cells to prevent the progression of your disease.

I can't think of a better reference for you than that of Dr. Terry Wahls who has reversed secondary MS symptoms. I have included her video for you here.

If once you've viewed this video you still have questions, feel free to let me know! I hope that you will consider a gluten free, refined food free diet for your good health.

In good health!

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