Mild Gastritis, Intestinal Metaplasia

by Susan

Hi Misty,

I just had an upper endoscopy a week ago due to dull, achy abdominal pain that has been troubling me for 6 months now.

Dr said that it appeared I have mild gastritis and intestinal cells growing where they normally would not (the intestinal metaplasia). I admit I was shocked... and scared!

There is no history of gastric cancer in my family or gallbladder disease. I am of normal weight (actually on the thin side), and I do not smoke or drink alcohol. I've always had a "lead" stomach and could eat just about anything... apparently until now.

I try to eat healthy (organic fruits and vegetables; plain, organic yogurt; organic chicken and beef; wild caught salmon) but I do eat grains and sugar - I should say sugar and fat together (i.e. cookies, cakes, chocolates; not straight sugar as in hard or chewy candy, soda).

GI Dr. said to repeat the endoscopy in a couple of years but nothing specific on diet. Yet I feel that there must be something I could do as opposed to feeling like I'm a 'sitting duck,' at least to improve my diet. I want to be as healthy as I can be. But I'm not sure where to start. :(

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Aug 30, 2013
Healthy Transitions
by: Misty

Hi Susan

Sadly, most conventional docs don't really give much nutrition advice other than that of the old dogma, "watch your calories, don't eat fat and move more".

Your case is classic of lack of good bacteria. That's my best "quick" advice without seeing your diet.

Understand that sugar and that which converts to sugar, ie: grains, will contribute to bad bacteria only to cause you to suffer further.

Grab yourself a good probiotic, some sauerkraut and other fermented and cultured foods and begin to feed your microbiome. This is what contributes to preventing GI cancers.

If you have issues with sugar, just take a look to your left and enter the 21 day sugar detox. I promise you won't be sorry!

Coconut oil is a valuable food for the GI tract too so start adding that to some of your foods via saute, smoothie, soup or stew.

In good health!

Sep 01, 2013
by: Anonymous

Thank you so much, Misty!

I plan on following your suggestions.

Oct 29, 2015
Intestinal Metaplasia Diet Tips
by: Anonymous


Just wanted to thank you, MISTY, for taking time to advise us about adding in probiotics in our diets via Sauerkrout, etc. (Kefir is good, as well). How refreshing to learn more how to take hold of our health since doctors seem to be trained in meds but not healing with foods!

Appreciate you! Sorry about that name error!


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