Low Carbohydrate Diet Studies

There have been more than 1000 Low Carbohydrate Diet Studies in the last several years. If you've avoided what many of us are calling the "healthiest diet" on the planet due to a "lack of studies" or credible evidence, this page will assist you in doing some critical thinking about the failed low fat diet paradigm that is not only causing us "dis-ease" but altering our genetic makeup as well.

Below I have provided you with titles of some intriguing studies that have been conducted since 2005.

I would like to encourage you to visit the Nutrition & Metabolism Society and make your small membership donation of $10 today.

You don't have to make a donation to access these very valuable studies but I do encourage we reward and support the hard work of the researchers who have provided them to us without monetary benefit for the outcome.

Yes, you read correctly. The majority of the dietary adviced is based on funding from entities whom benefit from the final outcome. And this does not include you!

Your donation assists the continuation of much needed research and documentation to shift the paradigm from a non-sustainable agricultural system to that of a whole foods, sustainable life for all.

I made a commitment to myself, my family as well, you to work hard to bring to the forefront the truth of solid nutrition.

I see far too many families with a variety of illness' all due to their food choices both from low fat dietary advice as well as their addictions to sugar, flour and artificial flavorings and colorings.

So many are caught up in what they believe to be healthy, they refuse to see the forest through the trees.

Some of the studies that you will find at the Nutrition & Metabolism Society include the following titles:

Low Carbohydrate Diet Studies and Saturated Fat

Low Carbohydrate Diet Studies & Ketogenic Diets

Low Carbohydrate Diet Studies & Heart Health

Low Fat Vs. Low Carbohydrate

Low Carbohydrate Diet Studies, Children & Adolescents

Mental Health & Gluten

Metabolic Syndrome, Diabetes & Inflammation



Good Calories Bad Calories-Analyzing Why We Get Fat

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