Low Carb Smoothie Recipes

Low carb smoothie recipes can be life saving for the busy family.  I have been blending for many years and have developed a few recipes that are a big hit with adults and children alike. 

As a Certified Nutrition Educator, I take my Vitamix to schools and blend for children.  They love the entire show from beginning to end and even when I add the "magic ingredient" which is spinach, with a bit of hesitation, they still try it and exclaim how good it is!  

You don't need a Vitamix to achieve a creamy smoothie but if you start adding a large variety of ingredients, you might want to think about the investment.  I use mine daily whether or not I am blending smoothies.  Blending soups, dressings and marinades, I think you'll find great use of this awesome machine.  Just check out the link to the left and enter the promo code for free shipping!

I encourage you to make sure you know the extent of your potential blood sugar dis-regulation because liquid food can in fact raise blood glucose levels very quickly. 

The trick to managing your blood sugar and enjoying a smoothie requires plenty of fat and fiber. 

If you are a diabetic or suffer metabolic syndrome, a diabetic smoothie might be consumed with the incorporation of a protein such as a hard boiled egg.  Test your blood sugar because only you know whether a liquid meal will be the optimal choice for your biochemical individuality. 

I recommend the use of coconut oil to slow the blood sugar response for these low carb smoothie recipes and this can be added to any of the recipes below. 

Though today's children are suffering metabolic syndrome, smoothie recipes can provide a great deal of nutrients to the active, growing child when you're in a hurry.  Use your judgement on the recipes below and understand your childs taste, metabolic tolerance and addictions.  A child who needs to drop a few pounds for example should avoid the higher sugar fruits and utilize flavored protein powders in conjunction with ice instead. 

The fruits that are best suited for a metabolically challenged child include berries, tart apples and tangerines.  No tropical fruits until insulin sensitivity is achieved.

You might also encourage your child to work for his/her smoothie like the photo to the left. Oh if only we could motivate them in the morning! 

I was blending at a High School Health Fair one year and was impressed with what a science class came up with!  A human powered blender....

Remember to watch your blood sugar with the introduction of low carb smoothies.  Ask yourself a few questions:

  • Did the smoothie keep you satisfied for at least 3 hours?
  • Did you find your blood sugar dropping too quickly?
  • Do you notice any changes in your measurements or on the scale good/bad?

These 3 questions will determine whether or not low carb smoothie recipes are a good idea for your healthy diet plan. 

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