List of Gluten Free Foods

Gluten Free Food List

Your best list of gluten free foods as I mentioned are going to be fresh foods such as animal proteins, vegetables, fruits, nuts/seeds, dairy and traditional fats such as coconut and olive oils, butter, lard and tallow. Gluten-Free Food List is one of the most complete lists. It includes both categories and sub-categories, manufacturers and Q & A's of said products for your convenience.

I provide gluten free lectures and store tours and I always let clients know that fresh whole foods are always their best choice. We eat far too many packaged products to begin with so allow this to be your opportunity to transition to whole food choices rather than all of the gluten free product on the shelves. The gluten free products have proven to promote cravings and weight gain for many as they are processed with high glycemic flours such as rice, potato and also include soy.

Please be aware that the list of gluten free foods provided is for the American food supply only. The International Celiac Support Group below will be your best source if you reside outside of the United States.

You will find below some of the hidden sources of gluten in not only your food supply but that of your personal care supply as well.

It will pop up in obscure places like lunch meat, shampoo, laundry detergent and if one has celiac disease, this can be a recipe for disaster.

Your low carbohydrate list of gluten free foods to print can be found here.

Gluten Free Living Resources

You might want to begin your journey of living gluten free with some allergy testing.

Home testing is now available at Enterolab

A source of gluten free food lists and recipe sites, the below link has an easy to read list of safe foods. Compare these foods to your Phase I diet plan if you are in a weight loss mode.

Carol has more than 50 years experience as a celiac sufferer. Who better to trust with Your Gluten Free Food List

I am frequently asked whether there are any gluten free beer and lager brands available. With so many affected, we need to know our options! I am a beer lover myself so it's nice having options over the old fashioned wheat brew.

The differences and explanations of gluten intolerance and allergy are difficult to determine. Other food allergies might be at play as well.

The Gluten Free Kiwi in New Zealand lays the differences out for you as well as describes the symptoms of other common food allergies. These allergies are so commonly a result of a "leaky gut" which allows undigested proteins into the blood stream causing antigenic reactions. The gut needs to be healed in order for the gluten intolerant/celiac to not only feel better but resume consuming foods that might pose problems.

These foods commonly include:

  • Eggs
  • Nuts (specifically peanuts)
  • Grains & Legumes
  • Dairy
  • Night Shades-if Auto Immune (tomatoes, peppers and eggplant)

Obtaining support is your most efficient self advocacy care. Finding resources in your area can best be found by visiting support groups that have done all of the leg work.

International Celiac Support Groups will be your best source as the groups are laid out by country.

Celiac Disease Foundation (CDF) is a national organization that represents the needs and concerns of the Celiac community and those yet to be diagnosed. is a superior source for all of your gluten free shopping and references.

If you're looking for publications, Gluten Free Magazine is the place for you. Gluten-Free Living is the only national, full-color magazine completely devoted to helping you lead a happy, healthy gluten-free life including a list of gluten free foods.

I hope having all of the resources in one place is helpful to you. It can be frustrating looking for answers when you or a family member is suffering from any of the symptoms gluten intolerance might bring.

Do be careful while gluten free shopping. As with any specialized food supply, gluten free products are still at risk for being highly processed high carbohydrate food items.

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