Kombucha Mother/Scoby

by Annie
(Calistoga, CA)

Love your website!

Can you tell me how I can get a hold of a kombucha mother/scoby so I can make my own?

I'm in Calistoga and in Santa Rosa often.


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Jul 24, 2011
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by: Misty

Hi Annie!

Thank you for reading.

You're in luck. I happen to have a couple of SCOBY's I'm willing to share.

Just let me know what is good for you and I can meet you in Santa Rosa with your new Mother.

In good health

Aug 25, 2011
Brooklyn to Santa Rosa
by: Nena

Hi Annie & Misty,

I'm moving to Santa Rosa next week and was going to look for a shop to get my own SCOBY too.

Do either of you have extra or know where I can buy?


Aug 25, 2011
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by: Misty

Hi Nena

I have a SCOBY for you! Just send me an e-mail when you're ready and I'll be happy to have a SCOBY and starter ready for you.

Be sure to get a gallon glass jar, some tea bags and cane sugar.

In good health

Aug 14, 2014
Scoby in Santa Rosa
by: Anonymous

Is there someplace to buy a scoby in Santa Rosa?

Oct 08, 2014
SCOBY in Santa Rosa
by: Misty


I would encourage you to start your own from a store bought SCOBY.

I will save 1/2 of a kombucha careful not to drink the small formed SCOBY already in the bottle. To that, I will add a small amount of tea with a couple of tablespoons of sugar every week.

In no time, you should have your own starter.

If you want to start brewing right away, I will promote this question on Facebook for any of my Santa Rosa friends to respond.

You posted as anonymous so if you would like to e-mail your information to me or if we are friends on Facebook, continue to follow this post on my personal page.

In health!

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