I really like the idea of your diet plan, but I do not intake milk or cheeses, nor do I eat yogurt or cottage cheese. I'm not allergic, just can't get them down.

Are there any suggestions to alternate foods with the same benefits or nutritional density I could use?


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Feb 09, 2011
Free Healthy Diet Plans
by: Misty

I'm so glad you like the diet plans!

I do have some recommendations for you. While the dairy foods allowed do have some benefit of protein, a substitute would be difficult in that sense.

However, coconut milk, manna and flakes might be of interest to you. You can make a pudding of sorts with coconut milk and coconut flour equal parts refrigerated over night.

The probiotic value of cultured dairy can be replaced with fermented vegetables like kimchi and saurkrauts.

You might explore the Paleo grocery list for your dairy free purpose.

I hope this helps!

In good health

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