Jennifer with a capitol T.

Here is another friend of mine.

This is in her own words from Facebook.

"Give me some better ideas for fat free fage yogurt, other than SF sweeteners."

How do I make it a dessert?

I will try to connect these last two face peeps to you asap.

Thanks Misty

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Aug 11, 2010
Free Healthy Diet Plans
by: Misty

Hi Jennifer

Thank you for taking such good care of your friends in their nutrition education! We have some reversing of education to do and you're a huge help!

Let's begin by educating your friend regarding fat. Fat free dairy is an oxidized cholesterol and the only dangerous cholesterol is oxidized cholesterol. The milk fat is removed, dried at very high temperatures and thus causing the cholesterol to become dangerous promoting oxidation in the body. In order to stabilize a product such as this, sugars are added. Remember, we've removed a consistency component so we must replace it and that replacement is generally sugar.

Second, what is your friend trying to accomplish? If weight loss then she won't want to add a caloric sweetener. Though she mentions no sugar free sweeteners. Would fruit such as frozen or fresh berries sweeten it enough for her?

The nice thing about a full fat Fage yogurt, once you lose your sweet tooth, the creamy consistency needs very little addition.

An idea, a nice high quality protein powder is something I've added to Fage or Stevita cocoa powder which you can find at my Amazon store.

I hope this helps and feel free to put a link to my website on your Facebook page!

As always,
In good health

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