Italian Marinated Chicken Breasts

This is a must have low carb chicken recipe for every house hold. You can marinate these breasts frozen or fresh, all day or just 30 minutes. It's so easy and so versatile. You can BBQ them on the grill or throw them in your George Foreman grill. Either way, this is one of my easiest summer fixes.

Roll or pound chicken to 1/4-1/8" in thickness. Add to marinade container or ziploc bag, pour enough dressing over to cover and let sit in refrigerator and pull out 20 minutes prior to use.

You can even marinate chicken breasts frozen out on the counter for the day and roll right before you grill.

Don't forget, with this plan the skin of the bird is healthy! Should you choose to use breasts on the rib with skin, go for it.

Toss this into salads as mentioned, eat warm with a side vegetable or chop and make excellent chicken salad.

I always advise you make extra and freeze for the week. This, one of the handiest low carb chicken recipes!


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