I sure need some help!

by Regina
(Cincinnati, Ohio USA)

I started eating this way the 1st of February and I have not eaten anything not on the list since that time.

I have only lost several pounds and I have pain in my kidneys. What am I doing wrong?

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Feb 16, 2011
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by: Misty

Hi Regina

First let me begin by asking you a couple of questions.

1. You say "eating this way"......what way are you eating? A typical 3 day menu including supplements and beverages is helpful.

2. What are your statistics? Age, weight, goal weight etc. and do you have any conditions that you might need to discuss with your Dr.?

3. Many who have been on a standard American diet in the past can develop kidney stones. For your pain, I recommend you first see your Dr. Second, how is your water intake?

I can't determine anything without more information.

If you want to share, I might be able to assist you in adjusting your menu.

Remember, this is a higher fat, moderate protein low carbohydrate plan.

In good health

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