Hormones after Hysterectomy

by kim

I need help...... WHY, after my hysterectomy 3 years ago (no hormones) am I struggling so, so bad with keeping weight off, losing and INTENSE sugar cravings.... Now we both know the Drs are telling me low fat diet.

Well, low fat makes the cravings worse and I have a spare tire the Michelan man would be jealous of that I did not have before.

I know what reason they say ...... Low Carb too much fat!

But, My body is a wreck now. Up 8-9 lbs from 3 yrs ago

I had the insulin test done about 18 months ago. Said it was ok. But... They had a very hard time getting blood on the correct times, they missed a time ot two. So how accurate?

They wanted to stop but the Endo said to continue.

Going to take your advice on the meat/veggies/ butter/coconut oil for 2 weeks.

Should I try any hormones to balance, I keep looking at Progesterone, but I am unsure.

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Sep 19, 2010
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by: Misty

Hi Kim

I'll begin by letting you know that I am not trained on the subject of hormones. However, I can help direct you to some answers and many times, together we can figure some things out for you!

First and foremost, did your Endocrinologist recommend bioidentical hormone replacement? I'm not a proponent of synthetic hormone replacement as too many cancers are implicated in Synthetic HRT. (Premarin specifically)

That being said, progesterone might be a good option for you. Understand that progesterone is not limited to the ovaries but to other tissues in the body as well.

There is also a link between hysterectomy, lack of hormones and adrenal fatigue/upset. It is very important to consider that a total hysterectomy is a major surgery and any major surgery may cause enough stress on the endocrine system to affect the adrenal glands. It is quite possible that there is an over load on the adrenal glands thereby all hormones and cortisol levels are out of balance.

You might research DHEA and pregnenolone which can be purchased at any health food store or vitamin store.

Also consider herbs (adaptogenic herbs), a healthy diet, adequate rest, and adequate exercise. (Do not over exercise during times of adrenal stress....some small free weights, brisk walk etc.) Work with your Endo who will help enhance your adrenal gland function as part of the treatment plan. In addition to herbs, glandulars, hormone precursors or even natural hormones may be used in some cases.

Again, do research this first and bring these items to the attention of your endo for further clarification.

Let's talk about the Dr.s recommendation for a low fat diet. They are assuming that fat is the culprit. This is strictly imbalance. Actually Kim, fat builds our adrenals thereby balancing and building all hormones.

I'm going to recommend as you have decided above, my Phase I restricted with the incorporation of cod liver oil. The coconut oil in conjunction with the cod liver oil will help build those adrenals (Ref: Enig; Know Your Fats)

This is a lot for you to absorb but I hope it gives you some direction. If something isn't clear, please don't hesitate to ask!

As Always,
In Good Health

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