Honey is dangerous?

by Annie
(New Zealand)

I'm just beginning and the huge surprise to me is Honey.

Can you explain why this is a danger food please?

New Zealand

Hi Annie, and thank you for your inquiry.

Honey is not a weight loss food. While raw honey carries some beneficial enzymes, vitamins and minerals, the human body can handle very little fructose. Most don't choose raw honey, they choose processed which carries no benefit.

Some also speculate that the benefits of the vitamins/minerals/enzymes of honey are actually just barely enough to handle the uptake of the sugar in the honey.

If one is at an ideal weight and can handle 1 tsp. of honey on/in a healthy food item, that's definitely a biochemical individuality.

While honey is promoted for those with allergies, the bee pollen is actually a wiser choice.

I hope I have answered your question.

Make it a healthy day!


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