High Protein, Low Carb Diet

by K
(Toronto, ON)

Hi Misty

You look fantastic!

I am a 30 y/o male about 6'1 tall, and recently through a visit to my family doctor I found out I am 83 lbs over weight. :-((

My doctor suggested I need to start a high protein and low carb diet immediately but I don't really know where to start?

Could you help?

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Jan 12, 2012
Healthy Transitions
by: Misty

Hello K!

Thank you for the compliment. What's even better, I FEEL GREAT! I'll be 48 this year and I feel younger than I did when I was 30. It's all about the food!

I can guide you in losing 83 lbs. Have you checked out the different plans in the nav bar?

If you want to include fruit in your plan, I would recommend Paleo. If dairy is your gig, I would recommend the Phase I liberal. If you're interested in losing fairly quickly, the restricted Phase I is for you. This eliminates fruit, dairy and nuts and only includes proteins, vegetables and traditional fats.

They all work but the long term success will depend upon how you "work it".

I recommend that you follow my Facebook posts, the blog and quite possibly join a support group through an online forum.

I've provided a great deal of resources on the site but if those don't fit your needs, let me know and we'll get you going.

Be sure to plan ahead, understand your plan and lean on me when you need to.

In good health!

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