Heavy Whipping Cream

by Debbie


What is the max Heavy Whipping Cream one CAN consume on phase 1 and still lose?

Is this something that could stop any weight loss?



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Oct 07, 2010
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by: Misty

Hi Debbie

The correct answer to this question of course is biochemical individuality. I know that's not a great answer but it's truth.

On the other hand, I have seen many consume up to one cup daily of heavy whipping cream and in the absence of higher glycemic carbohydrate do relatively well losing.

There is a Dr. out of Poland who actually recommends that amount. Dr. Jan Kwasniewski, nominated for 2 Nobel Prizes in Medicine, is known as the Polish Atkins for the success of his weight loss programs.

I probably consume about 1/2 cup daily and do very well.

How have your losses been? Have you tried limiting to eliminating it to experiment?

I always tell folks to reduce the carbohydrate first. If that isn't doing much in a 7 day period, start looking at your dairy consumption.

We usually find our answers with experimentation and patience.

As always,
In Good Health

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