HCG Diet

The HCG diet is all the rage in diet and weight loss currently.

What is HCG? Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, a hormone naturally produced by the placenta in pregnant women and almost completely controls the metabolic function through the hypothalamus throughout the pregnancy.

I personally know several HCG users and many seem satisfied with their results while others have been hungry, dizzy, grouchy and unable to function normally. I have one girlfriend that while she experienced the hunger and other symptoms, began feeling better at around day 5.

Should you experiment with HCG?

The question comes up so frequently, I had to write about it and find you the safest, most accurate sites for research!

The Simeons Protocol was the first to enter the market in the 1970's and Kevin Trudeau and his marketing genius brought it to the forefront as a big hit within the last few years.

I have provided the PDF of Dr. Simeons protocol for you below.

"Pounds and Inches"

This protocol is designed to take advantage of the body’s natural hormonal system of regulating fat stores in your body, and stimulating it to release the stores of dense, long-term “brown” fat from the problem areas on your body.

I am frequently asked if hcg is safe. Considering it is used in fertility treatments for women and testosterone elevating treatments for men, I would say that for short term use under the care of a physician, it is just as safe as fertility and testosterone treatment.

No, not a great answer but we also know that hormonal abnormalities can cause a host of issues so all I can say is, do your own research and satisfy yourself!

There are two forms of HCG, the injectible form and homeopathic oral drops. I personally work with an integrative Dr. who has not only utilized the protocol short term for himself but prescribes and monitors patients as well.

I have known a few who have become frustrated with very long periods of a stall in their weight loss. Most of these folks have tried just about everything including vigorous daily exercise with no budge. So many have shared with me that a 3-6 week round of hCG answered their weight loss prayers. Once the weight is lost, one can return to a low carbohydrate, paleo or even low fat diet and maintain their weight loss.

I have provided you some valuable hCG resources as I am not experienced with advising on this particular protocol.

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Once you've decided what you will do, come back and share with us your results! Free Healthy Diet Plans is a great place to hang out in between your rounds of HCG as well as for your maintenance stage.

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