Frustrating Carb Cravings during pregnancy!

Hello Misty,
I am currently pregnant (in the 4th month now), and I am trying to be very diligent about eating healthy (whole eggs, grass-fed beef and chickens, cod liver oil, organic veggies and berries, full-fat Fage yogurt, etc).

My problem is that I am craving carbs like crazy! It's incredibly frustrating. What's even more frustrating is that with my first pregnancy, I detested carbs and sweets and had no problems staying away from sugar and processed foods.

This pregnancy it seems that the lower carbs make me feel sluggish. I have incorporated pumpkin, sweet potatoes, apples, and pears, especially after exercising (light to moderate exercise - no jumping around.), but I continue to have intense carb cravings and feel led to binge on sweets! Ugh!

I really really want to do what is best for my baby.

Can you offer any suggestions as to you I can try?

Thank you so much for your time and advice!!!

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Sep 21, 2011
Healthy Transitions
by: Misty

Congratulations on such a beautiful diet for your pregnancy! You're really establishing some solid genetics for that child and he/she is so fortunate.

You really are doing the right thing by including a bit of fruit to satisfy those cravings. Have you tried adding a bit more fat most particularly while you're eating the fruit?

How are your blood sugars? That could dictate a bit of the craving here as well.

If your blood sugar numbers are high, reducing the fruit might be a better idea and increase your protein/fat a bit.

If the blood sugar numbers are within range, add a bit of fat to that fruit you're eating.

A couple tablespoons of almond butter with the apple, a few nuts and/or a couple slices of a quality cheese might be helpful. Berries and a bit of cream......

I almost wonder if kombucha might assist you with that sweet tooth and you can also ask your Dr. if L-Glutamine might be a good option for you.

I wish you well during this pregnancy and hope I have helped just a tiny bit.

Oct 19, 2011
Thank you.... I'm doing much better! :)
by: Anonymous

Thank you, Misty!

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