Friend with Alcohol and Pain Killer Addiction

by Noelle


I have a question on behalf of a new friend I met at a 12-step meeting.

She is working to get off of alcohol & prescription pain-killers. Do you have any suggestions for healthy foods and supplements that might help her?

I can help her with the steps, but I'm definitely not a nutrition guru! I really appreciate any insight you might have.


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Aug 18, 2010
Free Healthy Diet Plans
by: Misty

Absolutely! That's my specialty.....A diet of whole foods as in my Phase I. We don't want her to go through the 30 pound in 30 day gain which is a very real scenario during recovery.

This will also regulate her blood sugar ...which will assist in the regulation of her cravings.

We should never under estimate the "reward center" of the human brain. It is powerful!

There is a direct link between alcoholism and sugar addiction and unfortunately, too many in recovery move from alcohol to sugar.

Tell her to grab 2 Amino Acid Supplements, Phenylalanine and L-Glutamine both in capsule form. Begin with 500mg. of Phenylalanine 3-5x a day for the pain killer withdrawal and 1000 mg. 3-5x a day of L-Glutamine.

The lovely thing about the L-glutamine, she can keep it in her pocket and when the craving hits, just open it under the tongue. Less than 30 seconds, the craving is squelched.

The phenylalanine is also an amino acid and one shouldn't need it for more than two weeks. She can step that down too with 3-5x to 2-4x to 1-3x per day until she is free of the physical addiction. (It's usually only about a 3 day process but some need that crutch for a longer period.)

Be well and much good will to your friend!

As Always,
In good health

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