Foods To Avoid

The foods to avoid list seem to get longer with our food processing practices here in the U.S. Have you ever heard of the term Obesogens?  Might this be a new term to you? It sure was for me! I've outlined for your benefit, foods to avoid, dangerous foods and unhealthy foods so you may feed yourself and your family with confidence knowing you are truly nourishing them and not just feeding them without contributing to obesity or disease.

With the rise of mass food production, there are a variety of potentially dangerous and unhealthy chemicals and additives in our food supply today. You'd be blown away to hear that many of these dangerous additives are derived from crude oil and many other chemical compounds contributing to obesity and disease.

Some fat is not your fault! I can't let you off the hook completely. We can't blame all of our fat on these chemicals in foods to avoid but we can blame some!

There's a great book out on the market you might find interesting written by Stephen Perrine title "The New American Diet". Perrine's book refers to the term OBESOGENS and he's referring to certain chemicals found in common foods.

These toxic chemicals are stored directly in your fat tissue and are released untamed through your body causing havoc and consequently, contributing to not only obesity but also cancers and other illness.  We in the nutrition sector refer to these harmful hormones as XENOESTROGENS.  In other words, some chemicals will convert and mimic the hormone estrogen and are stored as such in both Men and Women. 

Don't get frustrated!

You need this education to live a long, disease free obese free life. The time spent now studying this Dangerous Foods to Avoid List will pay off as you age gracefully, more vibrantly and in a lean new body reducing aches, pains, and other nutrition and hormone related ailments.

With chemical additives, my general rule of thumb is this:

Refrain from purchasing foods that carry ingredients you cannot pronounce or would not grab as a single item from your pantry or refrigerator

The following have been entering our food supply consistently since WWII.

I'll close now with a sincere apology. My apology for delivering such dreadful news about our food supply. While this information can be overwhelming, it's not too late, and you now have knowledge which gives you power. Use your super powers and choose fresh, clean food because your liver is already working over time processing that in which we can't control, why not give it a little helping hand with those that you can control?

You'll be a healthier person creating a healthier family for making these sometimes difficult, yet necessary choices

Always remember that unhealthy foods entering the human body are very much like putting the wrong fuel in your gas tank.

The car simply won't run and neither will you....for long.


I get this question often and while it seems like there are so many foods to avoid, you should feel liberated that fat is actually a healthy substance not a dangerous one. We're just so used to grabbing convenience items that don't contribute to health. Remember to check out the healthy foods list. This is important because as I tell so many, "Try to remember what you can eat not what you can't".

We're just generally lazy and forget to invest in our most valuable asset, our body. We change the fluids in our cars, rotate the tires and do regular maintenance but neglect our bodies. You can buy a new car but you can't buy a new body no matter what Hollywood says!

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