Just wanted to confirm in Phase I, butter?

Any suggestions of brand.

Also, is olive oil spray OK and can I substitute turkey bacon for bacon?

A little scared, seems like the menu has lots of fat, please help understand.

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Jan 07, 2012
Healthy Transitions
by: Misty

Hi there going healthy!

Thank you for reading.

Let me begin by recommending Kerrygold Butter, my favorite due to the source. It is made from the cream of grass fed cows out of Ireland. Phase I includes all fats just like that of the other plans.

If you consider some of the references I utilize, saturated fat is the preferred fuel of the human body.

Fat also contributes to healthy cellular regeneration as your cells are lined with a phospholipid layer of more than 50%. Our reference is Know Your Fats by Mary Enig. Enig is a lipid biochemist and has contributed a great deal to the Weston A Price Foundation where you will find an article titled "The Oiling of America". Here, you will see all references to the benefit of saturated fat to the human frame.

Interestingly, we see HDL (good cholesterol) increase with the incorporation of saturated fat.

Unfortunately, polyunsaturates have been encouraged which have caused a great deal of problems such as inflammation, cellular demise resulting in diabetes, cancer and heart disease.

As my friend Sean Croxton of Underground Wellness states, "Old Foods Do Not Cause New Diseases" and with this reference, we think back to a time when we rendered fat from the animal, ate snout to tail and had very little to no vegetable oil and other caustic foods, we had less disease.

With this, I recommend you eat real pork bacon which is a real cut rather than the mechanically formed turkey bacon of which, we do not find on the bird upon butcher.

While Olive Oil spray is acceptable, I prefer to recommend a quality extra virgin olive oil and purchase your own spray bottle.

I wish you well on this journey to good health and hope that you can trust my advice based on recent scientific analysis of nutrition data.

For further clarification, check out the Nutrition & Metabolism Society as I've referred to in "The Science" section of the website.

I don't cite on each page rather I provide the links to those who do throughout the site.

In good health

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