Excited about Your Website and Eager to Get Started but . . .

by Anonymous

I just discovered your website today and am so excited about it, because I really think I have found the answer to my inability to lose weight!

I have read a LOT of books on health, nutrition, and weight loss . . . and your approach seems to fit the conclusions I have been forming after doing a lot of research on this subject. For example, I have recently come to the conclusion that the low fat/high carb diet was NOT the way to go.

I am eager to get started; however, I am about to move to a new city with my family. I am spending every weekend painting the house I am moving into. I am just so BUSY and relying more on fast food and convenience food right now than I like. Would you suggest I get started right away, knowing there will be lapses during this time, and just do the best I can, or wait until I have the needed time and energy to really devote to such a sweeping change in habits? I know that there will be pizza nights, etc. as we attempt to get moved and resume some degree of normalcy. Please advise how I should proceed during this time of upheaval.

Thanks for offering this wealth if information free of charge!! What a blessing!

A very busy mother of ten children

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Sep 17, 2010
Free Healthy Diet Plans
by: Misty

Hey Mama of 10!

Wow, 10 children, you are busy! Congratulations on your move and I'm sure you will be relieved when you are settled.

Let me take this opportunity to thank you for visiting and enjoying my site. I have almost 11 years of experience and research in the contents in this site and it all comes from various sources I find of value to most.

I'll share with you what I think might be a good idea.

Rather than trying to hit this hard during times of stress, why not be aware of your intake and make some small changes? In example, rather than relying on fast food which isn't healthy for anyone, dig out the ice chest and fill it with fresh foods for all.

Should you need to rely on fast food, stay away from the breads, fries and sodas. Eat the topping off of the pizza. Make the best decisions you can and be "aware" of your carbohydrate choices. Everyone will work better, have less sugar lows and no special order frustrations if you plan with an ice chest.

Have options at the new home for your work days like deli meats, romaine lettuce, cream cheese, apples, a jar of almond butter, hummus and veggies, hard boiled eggs, string cheese, olives, avocados and raw nuts. Let's face it, if the food is there and you are in a "picnic situation" the food somehow tastes better! I think you might be surprised how much you will enjoy this.

You can include a couple of the family's old favorites so they don't feel stifled. My experience though proves that the family will get into your nutrient dense choices and quite possibly pass up their old favorites. This can be good and bad! :0)

By being aware, you will get an idea of how these different foods are making you feel as opposed to some of your old low fat choices.

Don't fret nor beat yourself up if you decide to eat something that isn't the healthiest choice. Plan a day to hit it hard, make sure you are prepared and remind yourself of your committed day.

I will also suggest working on transitioning your family to a lower carbohydrate lifestyle as they will all surely benefit.

Let me know what you decided and how it worked out for you!

As always,
In good health

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