Elizabeth Matheny

by Elizabeth Matheny
(Sebastopol, CA)

Hi Misty!
Ive been folowing your nutritional guidance since the last week in December and have done really well sticking to it.

I lost almost 8 lbs at first (within 2 weeks) but have actually gained since and this past week only went down about a half lb.

For the most part im feeling really well, infrequent and mild cravings and cooking to accomodate my new way of eating has been a fun way to get creative. I know u say not to worry about the scale so much (and I did take my measurements before i started) but I cant help but be a bit discouraged. Should i worry or just hang in there? also do u think I may need to decrease fat comsumption if the weight isn't going down? your advice always means so much thanks for being such a great resource!

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Jan 31, 2012
Healthy Transitions
by: Misty

Hi Elizabeth

Since I have analyzed your menu via e-mail, we know that your eating has been nice and clean.

Congratulations on that initial 8lb. weight loss!

However, don't let the scale be your guide for success. You should analyze how you feel, use the tape measure weekly/bi-weekly and that should better determine how much fat your body is releasing. I personally have the ability to jump up about 6lbs. just during my cycle so any interanal inflammation can wreak havoc.

Rather than reduce the fat, it's always my recommendation to reduce portion rather than fat. Remember, carbohydrate drives fat to the adipose tissue and the fat will continue to provide that satiety that assists you in sticking to the plan.

Should you find that you still face this same dilemma in 2 weeks, let's analyze your menu again and I will make further recommendations at that time.

You're doing great and I can't thank you enough for the appreciations.

In good health

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