by Michelle
(Turlock, CA, USA)

I am a 37 year old single mother. I have 4 beautiful sons ranging from age 3 up to age 14.

I have been complaining to my doctors for the past 5 years that I can't lose weight I cut out soda, junk foods, never been a fan of sweets but cannot lose weight.

I finally joined the gym go everyday and in the first month I gained 12 lbs instead of losing.

I have only been using the treadmill, elliptical, and bicycle. No weights not trying at this point to build muscle just lose fat.

My current doctor says don't bother working out or trying the food thing just get surgery.

I am determined to do this without surgery. I currently weight 222 lbs and up until 5 years ago I weighed 120 even after delivering my 6 year old I dropped to 116 but about 6 months after he was born the weight just started coming on.

My feet and back constantly hurt and I just want my body back even at this point to lose 50 lbs would make me happy.

Any suggestions?

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Feb 18, 2012
Healthy Transitions
by: Misty

Hi Michelle!

I love the title of your post "Determined". Sadly, surgery can be a much more difficult option than figuring out how to get your body to let go of fat.

The potential complications have not been worth it to several folks I have spoken with.

There are so many potential complications and quite honestly when we bypass the very organ that absorbs nutrient how can we possibly achieve optimum health?

In order to help you further I would like to see a sample menu. I work with a lot of folks who find that just cutting out the processed food isn't enough.

Some implicators in fat gain and retention include grains (specifically wheat) dairy and fruit.

Have you practiced any of the featured plans I have listed?

Let's get you going girl!

In good health

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