Dangers of Soy

Soy Allergies

The dangers of soy was one of the biggest surprises I faced while studying nutrition. I must admit that I once believed that a vegetarian diet with the incorporation of soy was a healthier option. With the false scare of saturated fat in the form of animal proteins, this high protein bean has been touted for its health benefits for Man, Woman and Child with devastating outcomes.

It is scary what happens when financial gain dictates our food recommendations.

Eat this bean for a healthy heart!

But, lose your thyroid, ability to digest protein, increase your chances of hormone induced breast cancer, your sons can become infertile, and your girls can begin developing much too early.

The soybean carries food toxins that cause thyroid disruption in the form of goiters. These toxins slow the thyroid, contribute to leaky gut syndrome and have hormonal side effects on Men, Women, babies and children. Some say feeding a baby soy protein formula is comparable to giving a baby birth control pills.

Read your labels and avoid:

Soy Protein Of All Types

Unfortunately my friends, it's in just about every processed food out there. Just another reason to choose fresh foods more frequently over these dangerous unhealthy foods on the Foods to Avoid List.

Now, more than 20 years later, we can blame many health problems on this genetically modified toxic plant. If you don't believe it's toxic at this point, check out the below articles and think about investing in the following book The Whole Soy Story: The Dark Side of America's Favorite Health Food outlining studies on the dangers of soy. Kaayla Daniel is a board certified clinical nutritionist specializing in research and subsequent healing protocols of soy allergies.

Please pay special attention to the first link particularly if you are considering a soy formula for your baby.

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