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by Connie

Misty, do you have any suggestions for my 9yo son who is very sensitive to food smells, textures and tastes?

He does lean toward fast food, but certainly has issues with many things on the menu. He eats almost solely carbs. He will eat pepperoni pizza and certain restaurants' chicken nuggets.

I'm afraid he will develop a disease if we can't get him to eat vegetables and fruits. He does eat peanut butter and drinks white milk on occasion.

Thank you!

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Jan 31, 2012
Healthy Transitions
by: Misty

Hi Connie

That's definitely a difficult one. Emulating his fast food favorites should be fairly easy as you can make things like parmesan crusted chicken nuggets that are baked or a pizza style casserole without the crust.

However, the veggie fruit dilemma is a very real one. My best suggestion would be in a smoothie or even fresh juiced veggies/fruits. Will he drink a smoothie or is that our texture issue?

If you can give me some examples of the foods he will eat ie: crunchy, sour, fatty, fried, etc. I can better assist you in figuring out how to increase his nutrients all while pleasing his palate.

In good health

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