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I'm totally new to the whole coconut oil thing, but love what I've read about it and feel like it can help with my husbands and I's health. (not that we're unhealthy)

I have some questions though; I bought a tub of all natural LouAna pure coconut oil is that a good brand? should I use extra virgin coconut oil?

I've read some of other peoples questions trying to find answers to my own and read that you put your daily dose in your smoothie, do you melt it first?

Could I just scoop it out of the tub and put it in the smoothie?

~thanks Beatrice

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Jan 15, 2013
Healthy Transitions
by: Misty

Hi Beatrice!

I'm glad you've discovered the Benefits of Coconut Oil!

I use it quite liberally not only in a smoothie but in my coffee as well. It is quite beneficial in the winter for keeping virus' at bay with the antiviral component and with its antibacterial, antiparasitic properties, it's the perfect oil or should I say medicine for a healthy gut.

Once your LouAna brand is gone, you might consider a higher quality virgin or extra virgin. I prefer Nutiva Certified Organic Extra Virgin personally.

I don't melt it first but keep in mind that I have a Vitamix Blender which blends so smoothly that it's not necessary for me to melt it first.

I hope this helps! Thank you for reading and as always,
In good health!

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