Coconut Oil

by Andrea Adams
(Culbertson, MT, USA)

Hi Misty, I just wanted to start by saying I love your website.

I actually have 2 questions for you, my first is do you use extra virgin coconut oil or just regular coconut oil?

I am using regular and it is kinda hard for me to take because it is hard room temp.

My second question is what is your best advice for restraining yourself when temptation hits?

Thanks for your time and your website.
Andrea Adams

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Feb 16, 2011
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by: Misty

Hi Andrea!

Thank you for the compliment. That is my goal! This is for you.

I purchase extra virgin coconut oil. As with all of my foods, I like to make sure we have the least processing of our food possible. Virgin or Extra Virgin is a good choice.

Temptation......yes, that is a tricky one when we first begin! I have said "no" more times than I care to count Andrea and for those events in which I'm a regular, they now know "Misty passes on dessert".

To this day I am tempted by some foods. My best defense is to always stay on schedule with eating. When we are well nourished Andrea, the temptation isn't as great. Our neurotransmittors are firing correctly and therefore it is easier to pass those temptations.

Eat something higher in fat like a couple of bites of egg or chicken salad prior to an event. Our mindset of "I'm going out I think I'll skip lunch" is a recipe for disaster. We think we need to "save up" for indulgences which causes most of us to make poor choices and over eat. This is probably one of the most difficult mind sets to get through but you can with a little tenacity!

I like to also recommend L-Glutamine taken as a preventive 2-3 x a day when first beginning. This little amino acid can squelch sugar cravings and if taken sublingually, (under the tongue) the craving can be halted in a matter of 2-3 minutes.

If the cravings are insurmountable, there is another product on the market called gymnema sylvestre which is much stronger than L-Glutamine. If one allows a bit to come in contact with the taste buds, the taste of the sugar will be altered to a bitter undesirable taste. I don't recommend this but only for the hard core sugar addict.

I hope this has been helpful1
In good health

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