Candida and Cheeses

by Cary

Hi Misty,

What your opinion is of consuming young cheeses (cottage cheese, cream cheese etc.) on a Candida diet.

I so miss my good cheese, although these are sure no true substitute I have read here and there that they are acceptable on a Candida diet.

Is it the mold or bacteria or WHAT? that is in the cheese that is not good for persons with Candida?

OK.. what do you think?

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Aug 10, 2010
Candida Diet
by: Misty

Hello Cary

Thank you for your question! An efficient candida cleanse removes all dairy other than that of butter fat or better, ghee.

There are two reasons for this. Aged cheeses as you know have a high mold content and younger cheeses have a higher sugar content in the form of lactose both contributing to candida.

In most references that I have researched including that of my natural healing journals, all recommend eliminating dairy of all forms.

Of course once your cleanse is on its way and you begin feeling normalized, your first best dairy option to add back into the diet will be that of cultured dairy such as yogurt and kefir.

Thank you Cary for your question and as always,
In good health!

Aug 10, 2010
Thanks Misty!
by: Anonymous

Guess cheese is still out for now darling!
Loved your reply and of course I know you are right.

I am doing well! I am in virgin fat territory!
No changes for me yet.

Aug 11, 2010
You're very welcome Cary!
by: Misty

I have been personally "cleaning up" myself Cary so I have limited dairy recently to just that of my heavy whipping cream in my coffee.

It's a cleanse of sorts and "lean out" for me though modified as my coffee is a beloved friend.

My husband would prefer to have mounds of cheese on everything but it's not a good option for my body.

I've noticed a difference in my energy levels, my sleep and consequently of course, my physical output.

When you have butter and lovely oils in the diet in conjunction with some nice veggies and animal proteins, you are satiated and more likely to get into the zone of eating well.

Keep plugging along! The body needs to heal and that can take time.


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