Can it really be this easy?

by Mum of 2.5

First of all, thank you for a great site! I came across this quite by accident but I am so glad I did!

I am currently 35 weeks pregnant with boy #3, I am an obese woman who has struggled with weight for my whole life, I grew up with a "low fat everything mindset".

I started this pregnancy at 158kg but have actually lost weight by just being sick and mindful of what I am actually eating, and portion control. I, to this date have not gained any weight at all. (baby's growth is on track however) I have been on antidepressants in recent years which has seen me go up quite a few kilos. I am still on anitdepressants but at a very low dose.

I have been careful with what I have been eating this pregnancy but have been trying to reduce carbs and increase protein, but did not realise the importance of FAT! Can it really be this easy? If I were to change my diet now could this sudden change affect the baby at this stage?

Should I begin slowly or wait until birth? I am also going to change my husband and other 2 boys 9 and 7yrs diet too and wondered if you had any suggestions on just how to start properly? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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Jul 02, 2011
Free Healthy Diet Plans
by: Misty

Hello Mum!
Congratulations on your 3rd pregnancy. You know, it's as easy as traditional foods really. Our fetal brain development is dependent upon fat and baby's brain once delivered also requires a great deal of fat. This is why breast milk increases in fat content as the baby ages.

I would recommend you increase your fat and since you have already shared with me your weight, this will control your blood sugar levels which in turn will provide for a healthier delivery.

I would also like to recommend you take a look at your omega 3 fatty acid consumption because that as well as your folate levels will be depleted by the time you deliver and since you suffer depression already, this could be a huge piece to your cognitive puzzle!

Thank you for reading and let me know if I can answer any further questions!

In good health

Oct 02, 2011
Follow up.
by: Aussie mum of 3 now!

Hi Misty, just an update! On the 4th of July we welcomed baby Matthew Clive into our family 12 days overdue, 8 pound 10 and a half oz.

A smooth, easy and quick induced birth and I went home the next day. You will be pleased to know that I have lost about 14 kg since.

I only ended up putting on 2.5 kg total weight while pregnant.

I am excited to be on the way to "new" healthy me! At 12 weeks our little man is super healthy and doing wonderfully well. I have found a love for eggs I can't believe! I have been able to eat boiled eggs again which is something that I was very adverse to while pregnant.

I could eat them any other way but not whole.

Thanks for your support!

PS I am also off Zoloft too!

Oct 03, 2011
Healthy Transitions
by: Misty


Congratulations on every level my friend! I am so excited to read this update from you.

I am particularly excited to see that you are off of the Zoloft prescription. Food is such a valuable medicine.

Welcome to the world little Matthew Clive!

In good health and to great memories

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