can a person eat too few carbs?

by chuswysly
(Santa Rosa, CA)

Completely low carb for 7 days.....lost 6.6 pounds so far....on the 8th day was stellar and was up .8 pounds this morning (9th day).

I checked my food diary and can't figure out what was carbs were really low (about 6) so wondered if that could be the culprit?

Otherwise maybe I need to put more variety into my day.

Any recommendations?

You totally motivate me on every're awesome.


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May 12, 2011
Free Healthy Diet Plans
by: Misty

Hello and allow me to begin by thanking you for your inspirational words. It is comments like these that make me strive to continue my efforts providing quality information and advice. So from the bottom of my heart, thank you!

When I see a post like yours, the first thing I generally let you know is, weight fluctuations happen at varying times throughout your journey. Hormones will dictate changes on the scale but do not necessarily reflect fat loss or gain.

While it is perfectly fine to weigh daily, you want to take your weekly averages as your measurement of success. Speaking of measurement, a tape measure is always our most accurate measure of fat loss.

I know your original question was "Can one eat too little carbohydrate" and the answer to that is "Biochemical Individuality". Many with thyroid problems find they must eat in the range of 20-50 grams daily and athletes of course need higher amounts to re-fuel glycogen in the liver and muscles.

There is no such thing as an essential carbohdydrate, essential meaning the body does make it. The body is capable of making glucose if needed. The term is referred to as "Gluconeogenesis".

I hope I have efficiently answered your question! Congratulations on your success thus far and keep on keeping on!

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